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名称:EDTA-2Na 产品价格:¥1.00

EDTA-2Na exists in white powder, easily soluble in water, but hard to soluble in organic solvents like alcohol or ethyl ether. The PH value of 5% (25℃) water solution is 4.0-6.0. EDTA is an important complexing agent for complexing metal ions and separation of metals, the materials used for processing color photographic materials, wash bleach fixer, and dyeing auxiliaries , fiber processing agents, cosmetic additives, pharmaceuticals, food, agriculture, chemical fertilizer production, blood anticoagulant, complexing agents, detergent, stabilizer, synthetic rubber, polymerization initiator and quantitative analysis of heavy metals etc.

Product Information
Chemical Name         EDTA 2Na (Disodium edetate dihydrate)

CAS #                       6381-92-6

EINECS                     205-358-3

Formula                    C10H14N2Na2O8. 2(H2O)

Molecular Weight       372.23

Synonyms                 EDTA disodium salt dihydrate; Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid disodium salt dihydrate;

1)Industrial Grade
Appearance                White crystalline powder
Assay                         ≥99.00%
Chloride (Cl)               ≤0.01%
Sulphate (SO4)           ≤0.05%
Heavy Metals (Pb)       ≤0.001%
Iron (Fe)                    ≤0.001%
Chelating Capacity      ≥265mgCaCO3/g
PH                             4.0 ~ 5.0
2) Cosmetics Grade
Appearance               White crystalline powder
Assay                        ≥99.50%
Chloride (Cl)              ≤0.01%
Sulphate (SO4)          ≤0.05%
Heavy Metals (Pb)      ≤0.001%
Iron (Fe)                    ≤0.001%
Chelating Capacity      ≥267mgCaCO3/g
PH                             4.0 ~ 5.0
NTA                           ≤0.1%


Disodium edetate dihydrate serves as an excellent complexing agent.

It can be used in/with:
· detergent
· dyeing assistant
· fiber processing agent
· cosmetic ingredients
· food additives
· agricultural micronutrient fertilizer and aquaculture
· pH regulators in the dyeing of wool and polyamide fibers
· plymerization initiator
· heavy metal quanititative analysis of the agent


25kg pp woven bag;

Total 20MT with pallets and 22MT without pallets per 20ft container


Disodium edetate dihydrate has an almost unlimited shelf life in unopened containers when properly stored in a protected storage area.