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半胱胺盐酸盐/Cysteamine Hcl

半胱胺盐酸盐/Cysteamine Hcl

名称:半胱胺盐酸盐/Cysteamine Hcl 产品价格:¥1.00
1.Basic Information

Chemical Name:Cysteamine Hydrochloride

CAS No.: 156-57-0 
Molecular Fomula: C2H8ClNS

Molecular weight: 113.61

Appearance: white crystalline powder

Cysteamine Hcl is a new formula feed, It  Stable in air and processing, Slow release in small intestine, Good fluidity, Can enhance immunity, Improve meat quality, Enhance activity of digestive enzymes, Improve growth and development of animals, Exhaust somatostatin to increase level of growth hormone, Increase feed efficiency and decrease total cost of breeding.

A white crystalline substance; There are special smell; Easy deliquescence, soluble in water and ethanol; Light is not stable, easy oxidation of aqueous solution for urinary ammonia, sometimes precipitation.

2. Function

1. For biochemical research. Treatment and prevention of radiation sickness.
2. Volumetric titration of cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, cadmium and mercury. Masking agent.
3. The intermediates of ranitidine and cimitidine can also be used as antidotes for acetaminophen poisoning.
4. Chain transfer agents in organic polymer synthesis.

3.Technical Data of Cysteamine Hcl


Test item  95% min Cysteamine HCL 99% min Cysteamine HCL
Melting point  65--70℃ 65--70℃
Sulfates 1.0% max 0.01% max
Ferric ion  100ppm max  2ppm max
Water 0.5% max 0.2% max


Store in a dry, dark place